This BTEC Level 3 Award is accredited by Pearson and is suitable for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of end of life care while attaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Palliative care may not be within every carer’s comfort zone, however with the right knowledge, understanding and approach, caring for someone at the end of life is one of the most rewarding experiences a carer can have.

Carers will attend the half-day End of Life Care course, gaining the awareness and comprehension of key elements of end of life care. Carers wishing to further develop their knowledge and skills and attain the nationally recognised BTEC qualification, will

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also be expected to complete theory work in their own time, using a combination of the knowledge gained during the half-day course and any further research or reading they feel will assist them.

Based on the three sessions of the course, listed below, each of the three workbooks confirm and determine understanding. You will be set a reasonable timeframe in which to complete the workbooks and return them to the training team for assessment and verification. It is expected that you fulfil the coursework requirements within 18 weeks.

Understand how to work in end of life care

Principles and aims of end of life care, including different perspectives, care planning and support services.

Understand how to provide support when working in end of life care

Approaches to end of life care, including responses and communication at end of life.

Understand how to support individuals during the last days of life

Common features in last days of life, including the impact, changing needs and enhancing well being.

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